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Innovative Training Platforms

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Aretanium provides training solutions to meet your needs through innovative platforms for transforming learning into a targeted, retention focused approach to help absorb and retain knowledge that can increase the intellectual capital of any organization or team. 

​From a Phd neuroscientist to a neurolinguistic behavioral practitioner, our solutions provide a neuro-based approach designed to not only communicate key points but to also understand how the brain works in order to engage cognitive strategies for the best delivery to support optimal outcomes. 

We harness the latest from andragogy, pedagogy, and 4MAT learning science in our training services through the eyes of industry professionals in academics, human resources, leadership, organizational development, marketing and sales to assemble the model that meets the needs of the culture.

Each solution comes with the storytelling of a New York Times Bestselling author and the talented mastery of media designers to provide an enriching and gratifying experience with on-demand, gamified and traditional support strategies that can boost the ability of any training objective.

Aretanium helps transform, sustain and retain your team.

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On-Demand Training

From video production to storyboarding and content creation, our training solutions can help produce the right learning platform for the best retention possible.


Gamified Training

Without gamification, key training information may be forgotten in less than 30 days.  Our special platform can increase retention, motivation, and enjoyment for any team.

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