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Honor, Compassion, & Community

Aretanium Executive Group, Inc. is committed to a caring culture that values community.

We believe Honor is something to be preserved and supported.


Aretanium has been a strong support of active-duty military, veterans and their families from the beginning.  Aretanium is a proud veteran-owned company who places a special component for support of the military and veteran community within the fabric of the mission.  With an exclusive partnership with The Us for Warriors Foundation (or "Us4Warriors"), Aretanium has supported efforts that enrich the lives of thousands each year.  As original founders of Us4Warriors, Aretanium owners, Anthony Stewart and William Reed have shaped support programs and projects that uplift and honor service to our country. Among other partnering services, Aretanium has provided an exclusive "Self Intel Test" personality brand profile assessment platform to support their Work4Warriors career coaching efforts.  Learn more about Us4Warriors at .

We believe that we must use our talents to care for those in need.

Aretanium supports disadvantaged families, children and those in need through partnerships to support projects that make a difference in the lives of others.  From community service projects to targeted efforts geared at uplifting those in need, Aretanium aims to improve the quality of life.  As an example, in support of youth, Aretanium has partnered with the The Kollab Youth Workforce and Career Development Program.  Kollab Youth prepares youths for a better life through an educational, fun journey that helps them gain experience, have access to industry and professional experts and build the confidence they need to succeed in school, career and life.  Learn more about Kollab Youth at


We believe that community service is the road map to a better life.


As a company deeply rooted in the community and a provider of services that are designed to improve the lives of others, Aretanium supports various service projects throughout the year.  We are committed to strengthening the communities in which we live and work by using our resources, network and talent to promote volunteerism for the advancement of the quality of life among the community.  Volunteerism is a key component of our commitment to help achieve lasting social impact by bringing the skills and experience of our people to engaging projects.

We believe that Honor, Compassion and Community are the ingredients for a brighter future.

Our Community Partners

It takes the hearts, minds and hands of many to forge a new tomorrow.

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