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Recruiting & Talent Acquisition


Aretanium provides a recruiting and talent acquisition solution designed for hiring managers that uses AI and brain science to screen, profile, and score candidates based on various forms of information at your fingertips.

According to SHRM, over 92% of recruiters say when new hires fail, it's due to soft skills and trust issues.  Unlike resume filtering software that screens out great candidates, our solutions use behavioral and brain science to screen candidates for job skills, soft skills, trust scores, and personality traits. 

Going far beyond resume keyword filtering, our solutions determine critical key soft skills and culture fit to match these against hiring manager requirements.  Hiring executives can also use personalized communication playbooks to entice and recruit candidates.

Onboarding and retention is greatly improved by using personalized HIPAA-compliant engagement and wellness portals with self-paced professional development, remote work training courses, COVID-19 protection info, engagement surveys, and health and diet information to lower stress (cortisol) and increase trust (oxytocin).

Our solutions are geared at helping to find the right talent and motivate them to excel.

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TalentlyMe Recruiting

Personalized recruiting platforms that provide focused, AI and  neuroscience based screening, pre-onboarding and tracking to ensure that you find the best talent possible.  Designed to match the best fit with your needs and the high-trust necessary to excel.




The TalentlyMe Dashboard displays scores for Profiles, Job History, Hard Skills, and Soft Skills based on how they match against job preferences. This helps eliminate hiring the wrong candidates as well as supporting the progress of the talent acquired.

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