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Neuro-based Profile Analytics


Aretanium provides next generation profile analytics beyond Myers-Briggs, DiSC, StrengthsFinder, etc. and uses a neuroscience-based surveys to reveal personalities and brain scores for introversion and extroversion, brain health, personality neurotransmitters, and leadership development.

To perform at their best, clients, employees and teams needs to be motivated, dedicated, and inspired.  Ping pong tables, cappuccino machines, and singing kumbaya in the corridor is no longer viable.


Executives need to understand passion, purpose, motivators, and fears. They need to know which words, phrases, and vocal tones will resonate the best with their direct reports.  They need to understand their team's brain and behavioral DNA and leadership style preferences to drive 106% more energy, 76% more engagement, and 20% more profits.


Our profiling tools start the process to unlocking high trust, key communications and outstanding performance.

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The CraniumQuiz platform is a patent-pending Profiling System based on neuroscience to provide personal discovery with in-depth profiles to help individuals excel and give leaders, mentors, managers and professionals the tools to build trust and create a pathway or success.



Our RemotelyMe apps and services  uses advanced AI to discover personalities and provide Communication Playbooks to help engage to increase trust and develop enriching relationships.

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