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Employee &
Client Engagement


Research from Gallup and other analysts confirm that 84% of firms will maintain remote workers.  However, 71% are not yet fully prepared to support Remote Transformation (RX).


Remote teams are challenged with high stress, low trust, and difficult communications.  Traditional solutions for personality profiling, recruiting, customer and employee engagement, and wellness and professional development are not personalized or based on modern neuroscience.   


Aretanium provides the first proven platform based on brain science that solves RX challenges and drives 20% higher revenue, 50% more productivity, 74% lower stress, and 76% better engagement.

In addition, Aretanium provides engagement solutions that supports all client and employee engagement needs to strengthen relationships to help build successful interactions to boost people power.

Our solutions are focused on ensuring that remote, hybrid and traditional work environments are able to work together with maximum engagement.

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Online Meeting


RemotelyMe is designed to inspire more trust for remote customer engagement and employee engagement.  The platform comes with a thorough combination of tools necessary to track, support and engage teams and clients.



The Engage86 app simple yet powerful Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge extension app that uses AI and neuroscience to analyze LinkedIn or Sales Navigator contacts to determine profiles and personalize engagement.

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